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DefiEdge Farming Guide (PancakeSwap)‚Äč

1) Visit step 1

2) Choose the strategy you wish to deposit into. Strategies associated with a farm will display the reward token symbol next to their name. For illustration, we'll use the ARB-USDC strategy. step 2

3) Open the selected strategy page and input the amount of tokens you intend to deposit. step 3

4) At this juncture, you have the option to tick the Stake DE Share (LP Token) for ARB rewards checkbox. This allows you to simultaneously deposit and stake the acquired DE Shares in the farm. Alternatively, you can simply deposit without staking. step 4

5) To farm your acquired DE shares separately, navigate to and select Go to farm. step 5

6) Input the desired amount or click the Max button to lock in your entire DE shareholdings. Following this, click on 'Approve and Stake DE Share'. step 6

7) Navigate to My rewards to view your accumulated rewards. To claim, select Harvest, and the rewards will be transferred to your wallet. step 7