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What is the DeFiEdge Protocol?

DeFiEdge is an on-chain asset management protocol built on Uniswap V3 that enables users to manage 20+ ranges and invest in top strategies.

How does DeFiEdge work?

DeFiEdge allows liquidity providers to add liquidity to several strategies and earn fees on the liquidity they provide. Users can even manage their position privately and create 20+ ranges, create several strategies, set limit orders.

Can anyone create a strategy on DeFiEdge?

Being completely decentralised, permissionless and non custodial, anyone can create and add funds to any strategy on DefiEdge.

What will liquidity providers have as proof for providing liquidity to a strategy?

Liquidity providers receive ERC-20 tokens called DEShares that represent the liquidity they provide in a strategy, users can easily track strategy performance using tokens.

Can liquidity providers add single-sided liquidity to a strategy?

Liquidity providers have option to add single or dual assets based on their preference and strategy manager.

How can liquidity providers add liquidity to the strategy?

Liquidity providers can find a suitable strategy and easily deposit funds to any strategy by going to strategy page and clicking deposit button, for more detailed info refer to our complete guides.

How can liquidity providers remove their liquidity from a strategy?

Liquidity providers can select the strategy they have added liquidity in and click on the remove button to remove liquidity.

How does the removing liquidity process work?

Liquidity provider can navigate to their portfolio and check the strategy they have provided liquidity to, they can then use remove button and select percentage of liquidity they want to remove.

What does ‘funds are on hold’ mean?

If strategy manager thinks markets are volatile and deploying liquidity to Uniswap V3 will result in Impermanent loss, they can hold funds in strategy contract and users funds are kept safe and they dont earn any fees. They can even swap to less volatile assets.

Can liquidity providers withdraw their provided liquidity if the strategy is on hold?

Liquidity providers can withdraw their provided liquidity if the strategy is on hold.

Can liquidity providers withdraw partial liquidity provided to the strategy or do they always need to withdraw 100% of liquidity provided?

Liquidity providers can withdraw partial or all of their liquidity deployed.

Does DeFiEdge have any governance tokens?

DefiEdge does not have any governance token right now, stay tuned for more updates.

How does the DeFiEdge protocol earn revenue?

DefiEdge collects a small amount of protocol fees from management and performance charges from Strategy Manager. As of now, protocol fees are set to zero.

What is the current protocol fee?

Initially, the protocol fees are set to 0% of the management and performance fee charged by the strategy managers.

Will DeFiEdge implement a DAO?

Yes, we do plan to launch a DAO in future.

​​What are the two types of fees charged by strategy managers?

There are two types of fees charged by the strategy manager: one is management fees and performance fees.

Is there a limit on the number of strategies that can be created by a strategy manager?

No, there is no limit on the number of strategies that can be created by a strategy manager.

What are limit orders?

We have integrated with Gelato and this allows our strategy managers to create resolver and set limit orders to buy and sell assets at best prices.

Will DefiEdge have its own token?

Yes, once there is a substantial TVL locked the protocol will get its own token that will complement the UNB use case in the ecosystem. These are very early days and more details will be decided once the DAO is launched or as the need arises.

Why are the numbers on the dashboard and the strategy page different?

The numbers displayed on the dashboard page are fetched from the database. These numbers are updated every hour. Similarly, the numbers displayed on the strategy page are fetched from the graph.

Why can’t I see the recently created strategy on the manage strategy page?

It takes a while for the new strategy to be indexed from the graph after it has been created.

Being an investor in a strategy, how can I find an archived strategy?

The archived strategy can be found on the portfolio page.

Why is my rebalancing taking so long?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. The ticks you provided as the closest to adding liquidity have been hit.
  2. The chain you are using might return a JSON-RPC error.
  3. Network congestion