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Error Code

Contract: DefiEdgeStrategy.sol

Error SymbolDescription
ITInvalid Ticks
ITLMax Tick Length
UAUnlisted User
SCIf share minted are less than supplied
LIf share limit (supplied by manager) is over
INSInsufficient Share
IAIf protocol fee is being setup is more than 20%

Contract: DefiEdgestratgeyFactory.sol

Error SymbolDescription
NOIf sender is not governanance
INSUFFICIENT_FEESIf strategy creation fee is not supplied
IPInvalid Pool address

Contract: StrategyBase.sol

Error SymbolDescription
NIf caller is not governance
DLIf strategy is blacklisted

Contract: StrategyManager.sol

Error SymbolDescription
MANAGER_ROLEnot an error
ADMIN_ROLEnot an error
BURNER_ROLEnot an error
LRIf the daily max swap limit is reached

Contract: 1InchHelper.sol

Error SymbolDescription
ICIf 1inch caller is not whitelisted
IMIf the method of the dex is supported by 1inch but DefiEdge is not validating it

Contract: OracleLibrary.sol

Error SymbolDescription
OLD_PRICEHeart Beat has not be updated

Contract: Sharehelper.sol | Error Symbol | Description | | --- | --- | | BP | If TWAP period is 0 |

Contract: DefiEdgeTwapStrategy.sol

Error SymbolDescription
ITLIf max tick length is exceeded

Contract: DefiEdgestratgeyFactory.sol

Error SymbolDescription
IDIf token has decimals more than 18
IPIf the supplied pool address is not valid pool address while creating the strategy

Contract: TwapOracleLiblary.sol

Error SymbolDescription
BPIf TWAP period is 0

Contract: TwapShareHelper.sol

Error SymbolDescription
INSUFFICIENT_AMOUNTIf either of the amount in depositing while the TWAP is 0
INSUFFICIENT_AMOUNT_0If minimum amount0 to be deployed is 0
INSUFFICIENT_AMOUNT_1If minimum amount0 to be deployed is 0